12 Media – social activist music video

This CSP is an excellent example of a social activist music video:


Y12: Statement of intent

In class today we covered media language which is one part of your statement of intent. Please look back at your notes or the attached PowerPoint and bullet point some ideas about what meanings your project might create. Try and apply some of the terms.

You will only have around 100 words to express your ideas in the statement of intent, so keep your analysis concise and precise.

Statement of intent

Year 13 – upcoming essays

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Upcoming ‘Collective Identity’ essays:

Essay #1 – Timed conditions during the lesson – Wednesday November 15th 

Essay #2 – Homework – due Wednesday November 29th 

Essay #3 – Timed conditions during the lesson – Wednesday December 6th 

Essay #4 – Homework – due Friday December 15th 

I will set the essays and provide support on ‘Show My Homework’ and we will discuss them before you sit them.


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I hope you all (besides Danny!) enjoyed Moonlight as much as I did. I think that it is an wonderful exploration of African American masculinity and  the performances from the actors playing Chiron are superbly crafted by Barry Jenkins. In particular, I think that the performance of  Trevante Rhodes who plays ‘Black’ is very impressive because he is able to subtly transition between the hegemonic masculinity of ‘Black’ and the vulnerable Chiron.

Please watch and listen to the following links to help you engage with the film as much as possible:

Filmspotting (the podcast I listen to) – interview with Naomi Harris and Barry Jenkins, and review of the film: https://beta.prx.org/stories/190735 and the review: http://www.larsenonfilm.com/moonlight and an article by regular contributor, Michael Phillips: http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/movies/91209110-132.html






MOONLIGHT EXPLAINED: Symbols, Camera & More


Bank, Camera, Action Film Competition 2017/18

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The Bank of England was granted operational independence over monetary policy on 6 May 1997 and so the 20th anniversary is an appropriate time for us to reflect on independence.

In this year’s ‘Bank, Camera, Action’ film competition we are inviting pupils to get involved by making a short film entitled “What independence means to me”

The opportunity is to create a film that communicates the subject in an interesting and imaginative way. Students are free to use dance, music, poetry, rap, animation, graphics, cartoons, interviews, news items or any other fantastic ideas you may have. It’s completely up to you, the more creative and imaginative the better!

Why not take a look at their website to view last year’s winning films about ‘A day in the life of the New Fiver’?

Taking part will give teams the opportunity to showcase your talents and will appeal to students studying a broad range of subjects. There are also some fantastic prizes up for grabs.