But don’t accept conjecture as reality says former Al-Jazeera journalist, Mark Seddon:

The article highlights the incredible pressure that media institutions are put under. That is why you always have to write about the influence of institutions upon media texts; they are not objective and unbiased, they hold certain ideolgies which often shaped by political pressure. The perspective of Marxism can easily be applied to these examples, governments (the powerful) appear to be trying to shape the flow of media information and thus are exercising a hegemony over the general public.

But don’t people have a right to privacy?

The wikileaks scandal is hot news – the website is on the run, governments are placing huge pressures on ISPs to block the site. This is such a great example to use as it opens up the debate of censorship – the internet is clearly an incredible medium as it can transmit information so quickly, easily and to a global audience but should the internet have a free reign?. The site is clearly seen as a major threat but should it be outlawed? What ever happened to freedom of speech?

The site is now being hosted by a ‘pirate’ online company. Mastercard, Paypal and others have blocked donations to wikileaks. Strangely, the founder Julian Assange has been arrested on sex crime charges.

The timeline of Wikileaks under attack:


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