Osama bin Laden

I have been fascinated by the media’s coverage of the assasination of Bin Laden (if it is actually him!).

Of course, it is popularly known that the American media is often extremely parochial, ethnocentric and biased, but never have I been privy to such outright patriotism and subjectivity. I have been amazed by the manner in which many of the American ‘news’ channels have decided to cover this death.

Particularly astounding is the coverage given by Fox (to most watched American news channel):


Surely, news channels should at least try to be objective and balanced, it is little wonder that many American have fallen for the government’s simplistic Proppian narrative which casts Bin Laden as the ultimate villain who is responsible for scores of terrorist attacks. The narrative put forward by many within the American (and western) media fails to analyse in detail the complexity and perhaps disparity of the Al Qaeda network, preferring instead to present the news along the lines of a Hollywood film or even a cartoon narrative. Todorov’s narrative framework is perfectly applicable here: 1. The U.S.A is safe and sound (equilibrium) 2. 9/11 (disequilbrium) 3. Obama saves the day, no more terrorism (!) (Equilbrium) – this might even win Obama the election.

Have a look at these sensational and in many ways distasteful front pages:



And in true western tradition, check out the celebrity responses:



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