The Listening Post

Al Jazeera is quite a controversial news network in many ways largely due to its close ‘relationship’ with Al Qaeda (their videos are often broadcast first on Al Jazeera) – many media commentators and politicians have criticised the channel for being a mouthpiece for the organisation and others like it. However, many applaud Al Jazeera for its open and non biased approach to news reporting – many view it as a breath of fresh air because it is a major new organisation from outside the UK or USA. Furthermore, it is must be noted that it is not only the western world that criticises Al Jazeera, many more Islamic countries have done so too – so in many ways the network cannot simply be seen as a Middle Eastern, Islamic channel.

The ‘Listening Post’ is an excellent resource for students as it analyses how the news media covers the news…

Here is the link to the archives:


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