Digital Sales Pass 10 million

Much is written about the demise of the music industry, but many would argue that these reports are often exaggerated. Further evidence of the the buoyancy of the industry comes in the form of the number of digital albums sold in 2011. Sales have reached the 10m mark in record time according to new data from the Official Charts Company. Adele has driven this rise to some extent, selling more than 600,000 digital albums, with 21 becoming the first album to pass the 500,000 downloads mark

Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company said” “The sales of digital albums are growing which is good news for the industry but, for the moment, this is co-existing with physical sales,” he said. Digital albums remained a niche format, while the CD continued to be a mass market favourite, he added. “At this stage in the life cycle of the digital single, physical sales had declined to less than 10%. It looks like the CD is going to be around for a good while yet.”

The growth also suggests it may have been premature to predict the demise of the album format. Talbot said: “I think this is evidence that there is a market for digital albums and bundles of tracks. There were fears that no one would buy digital albums, but they do – and in growing numbers.”


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