AS HOMEWORK – 13.09.11

In preparation for MEST 2, I would like you to research 3 texts which are similar to the text you wish to create. You should study different texts to the other members of the group. You will add to this analysis as you begin to learn more things and the final version will be the basis of the first part of your brief.

So…please analyse:

Audience – who are the primary and secondary audiences? Consider demographics, psychographics and geographics.

Genre – what is/are the genres of the text? What conventions are apparent? Are there any texts which they are similar to?

Language – Analyse the mise en scene – consider the lighting, camera angles, camera shots, setting, costume – what effect do these have upon the audience? Also, consider the sounds of the texts – what diegetic and non diegetic sounds are used? How do these techniques gratify/pleasure the audience ?

How do these help create meaning?

Obviously, you have only had a few lessons, so you will add to this research as we progress.


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