A2 blog of the month…

Malak Elzahed has made a cracking start to the A2 course, she has filmed in Egypt and already has a very clear focus for the critical investigation.

IMG_9632  Streets of Cairo IMG_9189

Critical Investigation (Essay)

– My essay will be based on how and why have a variety of news media constructed the narrative of the Egyptian Revolution?

– This includes me talking about things such as the narrative codes, representation, marxism, feminism, power of the media and liberal pluralism.

– I will be looking at news corporations such as; Fox news, The Sun, Egyptian Press (which was mainly pro Mubarak), New York Times and The Independent.

– I will be comparing the news corporations together, the difference between the main one which will be giving reliable information, the English/American news and the Egyptian press which is mainly showing news pro Mubarak.



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