I was very impressed by Salma Zaghal’s first media homework; it is impressive for someone who has only been introduced to a few terms…

Demographically, City of Life primarily targets younger audiences, aged 16-25 whilst secondarily targeting older audiences age between 30-40.Due to the diversity of cultures and nationalities in the trailer, it appears to target all nationalities. Fast paced jump cuts and intense music seem to attract younger audiences whilst their plot line of 3 different lives from high class to low class seems to spark cognitive pleasures for older audiences.

The film uses numerous jump cuts throughout the film trailer to add suspense and intensity to each transition.This then contributes to the enigmatic mise en scene of the film trailer.Its use of text throughout each transition provokes cognitive pleasures and capture the viewer’s attention.The style of the text is ghostly and modernistic and moves across the screen in a fast paced and eerie movement. This not only contributes to the cognitive pleasures of the viewer but also arouses sensory pleasures. Another aspect that also contributes to the sensory pleasures of the viewers is the music and sound effects used throughout the trailer.

The film trailer contains soft and minimum lighting throughout each scene to convey a dark and mysterious mise en scene. lights in the background such as car lights, building lights or torches are regularly used during reaction shots to add a certain reality to the each scene and make it seem as if the viewer is witnessing the scene in real life. This draws and captures the audience’s attention and interest.

The camera movement varies throughout the whole trailer. In reaction shots, the camera tracks, following the characters as they undertake physical movement.This camera movement is used to allow the viewer to experience the reaction as if the viewer himself was filming. This pulls the audience in and makes the trailer appear more personal. When there is dialogue , the film views the characters in over-the-shoulder shots. This focuses the attention on the character’s dialogue and adds an dramatic effect.Close-ups are used greatly whenever a vehicle is presented. This not only creates a glamorous and sophisticated effect but also develops an action-filled, anticipated trailer.For example, an extreme close up of the side of the expensive sports car with the engine loudly roaring creates a certain mystique and appeal that can greatly attract men of young ages.



Media Text 1: Song Of Sparrows (Film Trailer)

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The Song Of Sparrows
The song of sparrows primarily targets adults aged between 25-60. It is a heartwarming and tragic story of a poverty-stricken man trying to survive and take care of his family instantly attracts older audiences. This is because through the protagonist, many will sympathize and understand the responsibility he has of taking care of his family. The film contains many adult themes such as family, wealth, career and responsibility which many adults can relate to. The film’s secondary audience would consist of older teenagers ranging from 17 to 22, as the film reveals an unknown side of life. Many teenagers do not experience the contrasting hardships of life that are faced in poorer parts of the world. This film not only shows them what takes place in impoverished, low income countries, but also lures them in with it’s moving and compelling storyline of a man struggling to survive.

Throughout the whole film trailer, the director uses bright and natural lighting to signify hope and warmth. Sunlight is primarily used in the trailer to also illustrate simplicity and nature, which links greatly to the films main themes, this greatly contributes to the mise en scene of the trailer. Music also plays a factor in creating the mise en scene for the film trailer. In the first 40 seconds of the film trailer, traditional iranian music is played in the background.This acts as the introductory part of the trailer, in which it presents his daily life. The iranina music signifies his culture, and the frantic drumbeats portrays his hectic everyday life as a father and a husband.It is not until, the protagonists decides to leave his farming career and go work in the city that the iranian traditional music plays more into the background, whilst beeping cars and other sounds that signify the business and choas start to overshadow the iranian music. This metaphorically signifies him leaving behind his culture and having to adjust to a completely different side of Iran.


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