AS H/W 20/09/11

Due: Thursday 23.09.11

-You all should have analysed 3 texts (trailers or promos) which are relevant to your mest 2 plans

-You now need to analyse the texts from using a representation framework.

1. Who and/what is being represented in the three media texts?

2. How are they being represented?

Positively – morally good, powerful, in control, likable, charismatic, wealthy, good looking etc

Negatively – morally bad, weak, unpopular, ugly, boring etc

Stereotypically – a commonly held assumption held about a certain group or place. Stereotypes can be both negative or positive. Also, often stereotypes are used ironically/knowingly.

Countertype: The opposite to stereotypes – when the represented is represented in a way which is surprising and against the common sensical understanding.

3. Why? Can you explain why these representations exist – is it due to the genre, audience, cultural norms and values, money…

Make sure that you continue to apply media language throughout…also remember that often representations are mixed.


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