Welcome to Year 13

In our first lesson I showed you a number of different media texts (see below) to try and inspire you to create a moving image piece for your coursework. Try to find some similar texts to research and consider the following things making sure that you always link your research back to your plans:

  1. Target audience: It is vital that you have an excellent understanding of the audience/s that your text might target. Therefore, try to access audience figures for your three research texts – demographic profiles can be found on YouTube, Pearl and Dean, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and a number of other sites.
  • You can also analyse the texts and apply audience need theorists such as Maslow and Young and Rubicam for example.
  • Also consider what audience pleasures are on offer.
  • Once you have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the types of audiences that access your research texts, you should then identify a mythical ideal audience (the perfect person for your produce – age, gender, psychographic profile, social class)
  • Now identify the primary and secondary target audiences for your texts
  • Interview some members of your target audience
  1. Narrative
  • Is a narrative arc apparent?
  • Non-linear/linear?
  • Action codes?
  • Enigma codes
  • Proppian roles?
  • Binary oppositions?
  • Anchorage


What are the generic conventions apparent in the text?


  • Describe the mode of address
  • Dominant or subordinate group?
  • Author – part of dominant or subordinate group?
  • Purpose of the text
  • Positive or negative representation?
  • Preferred reading?
  • Stereotypical?
  • Countertypical?
  • What sense of realism is there?
  • Alternative, redundant, entropic, absent
  • Mediation – selection, focusing and organisation


  • Are there any institutional factors? For example, what is the brand image of the institution? Is the institution part of a larger company, perhaps a conglomerate – how might this affect the product?


Textually analyse the form of the media text – mise en scene etc…make sure you consider what effect these choices have on the audience.


Are there any beliefs and values apparent within the text?



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