Y10 Homework 1

In class we have started to learn some of the key ideas of audience analysis.

For your homework, you need to select a music video of your choice and answer the following questions in a formal and detailed way, always giving examples from the media text. Head your work with the date, the title – music video audience textual analysis:

  1. What is the primary target audience for the video?
  2. How do you know this? Refer to the mise en scene (costume, props, camera shots, special effects, camera angles), the storyline and the way the characters are represented (shown/portrayed)
  3. What other audiences might be targeted by this video? Explain how and why.
  4. Why might audiences be attracted to this music video? Refer to audience pleasures – sensory, cognitive, emotional, guilty, cathartic

Aim for at least one and a half pages.


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