Basic Canon DSLR set up




Make sure the exposure is set to manual

Movie recording size

Set to 24 fps

Shutter speed

According to the 180 degree shutter rule, the shutter speed should be double (or as close as possible) the fps


ISO (the sensors sensitivity to light)

In order to achieve a film look, you need to keep the ISO at the lowest number possible. It should not go above 600. If it goes above, there will be too much noise (grainy image) because it is a digital exposure.


This is the best setting to help set exposure because it is clean light unlike the digital light of iso. Set your aperture to the lowest number possible. Increase a little depending on the natural light.

Picture profile

Should be set to neutral

White balance

Set to Daylight or tungsten depending on the time of day


Before you shoot, use the zoom button to ensure that the focus in completely sharp.



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