Year 12: Essay 1 Preparation :)

*Sorry for the confusion over the cover work. For homework can you just answer the questions below, don’t worry about the essay yet*


 So the aim of the homework is to prepare yourself for answering the essay below. Please complete the activities:

  1. Make sure that your notes from the two lessons we have spent on this are in order. You should have notes on the following areas (here is the PowerPoint: l1_disney_institution):
  • Definition of a media conglomerate
  • Definition of an independent film institution
  • A list of some of the institutions Disney own
  • Definitions of vertical and horizontal integration
  • Examples of vertical and horizontal integration within Disney
  • An overview of how 6 companies dominate the film industry

2. Read the article and highlight any points that will help you answer the question: l1_how-disney-magic-and-the-corporate-media-shape-youth-identity-in-the-digital-age

3. What trends are apparent this decade and what does this mean for film institutions?

4. Why is The Walt Disney Company criticized?

5. How is the British industry faring?




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