AS Mock Exam Revision

For the upcoming mocks, you need to revise the following to enable you to answer one essay question on audience and institutions:

The Walt Disney Company and ownership – 

  • The film industry – how are profits divided?
  • An overview of The Walt Disney Company – profits (good times and bad), divisions, subsidaries etc.
  • The benefits of being a conglomerate – with particular focus on the Bob Iger period (2005 – present) which has featured acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel and Lucas Film – you need to be able to draw upon examples of films to help you discuss the merits of these purchases – Star Wars The Force Awakens, Rogue One and Toy Story 3 are one obvious examples
  • Synergy between institutions
  • The difficulties independent companies face when in competition with institutions such as Disney
  • Examples of horizontal and vertical integration – how does this help Disney’s production and distribution of their products?
  • Disneyfication and globalisation
  • The rise of new and digital media – pros and cons for Disney and benefits for independent film makers

The Walt Disney Company and technology – 

  • Walt Disney Animation and traditional hand drawn animation (2D)
  • Digital technologies – examples of marketing, advertising and consumption (refer to your case study films)
  • PRODUCTION – John Lasseter and his dedication to CGI – his synergy with Disney, Lucas Film and Pixar -changing ‘film grammar’:
  • Collective creativity –
  • CAPS – The Lion King, Little Mermaid etc.
  • PIXAR – Renderman (Ray Tracing, Global Illumination, Reyes Rendering) – the impact these have had on films such as Toy Story, A Bug’s Life -fluid animation, Toy Story 2, Monster’s Inc – hand and fur, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles – human characters, Cars – depth of field, Up – the improvement of the software ‘ODE’ to handle the behaviour of 10,000 balloons, Wall-E, Monster’s University –  – lighting and shadow)
  • Mari
  • Hyperion – Big Hero 6
  • Renderman – non commercial use
  • MyMagic+ (see recent blog post)
  • Marvel
  • Lucas Film
  • Technological convergence

The Walt Disney Company and hardware- 

  • 10 year alliance with HP
  • Processing speed
  • Computing power

The Walt Disney Company and audiences- 

Whilst we have not studied this topic in earnest yet, you need to be able to consider the different experiences of audiences when consuming Walt Disney products. Think about the Walt Disney parks and resorts add to the immersion with the brand. Also, consider the role of merchandise, viral games, computer games, adverts etc. Consider the impact of new technologies. How have you responded to these products? Give specific examples from your case study film

Final tips

Make sure you have lots of examples from different Disney films to help support your points (these account for 20 marks)

Try to give comparisons and evaluate. An easy way to do this is to compare Disney to independent companies (20 marks)

Answer the question, don’t just provide a general knowledge or ‘all I know on the media area I have studied’ answer. Return to the question at the start of every single paragraph.

Model answers

Scroll down to page 26 for a full mark exemplar answer:



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