Noah Twine

Ex Hazelwick Media Studies student, Noah Twine has now released two short films and is following his dream of becoming a film director.

Noah kindly has described the process of creating Clown Story:


Here is Clown Story:

Here is his most recent short film, No Apostle

And here is his A level work:


Lighting: Watch How Lighting Changes a Face

Here’s a hypnotic video showing the importance of film lighting. Watch as this woman — yes, this is just one woman — finds her features altered as the lighting shifts around her. The plans of her face move, the vibe she projects alters, and the genre of film she’s in morphs from drama to horror to comedy. (Hat tip: Sploid at Gizmodo.)

The video, “Sparkles and Wine,” features music from the bandOpale and was directed and produced by Nacho Guzman. According to Petapixel, the video was shot “using a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR and two lenses (a Canon 24-105mm f/4 and a Samyang 35mm f/1.4). The lighting consisted of two 10×10 centimeter LED lights that were fixed to a ring and rotated around the woman’s face, as well as a string of Christmas light-style LEDs.”

On the Vimeo page, Guzman thanks “Clouzot and his amazing team for inspiring me.” He’s undoubtedly referring to this similar and amazing 1964 test footage of Romy Schneider from Clouzot’sL’Enfer. Check it out.

Why Your Film Needs a Good Gaffer: Watch How Lighting Changes a Face

A2: Useful theory for evaluation

Having been in email contact with a few people, I thought it might be useful to share some of the theory links I have given them. You could use these to help you evaluate the poster, magazine and radio advert:

Audience and persuasion:  (randomly found my old blog from 2013!)

A2 coursework

Hi everyone,

The deadline for all the research, planning and final products are due this Thursday, March 10th. YOU WILL HAVE NO MORE PRACTICAL LESSONS AFTER THIS. The next lessons until Easter will be focusing on the evaluation only (Draft deadline – March 23rd; final deadline – April 12th).

I have been conversing with our Supreme Leader, Miss Esther Morgan (see below) and we have finalised the policy towards any blogs that are incomplete.

Esther Morgan (Head of Media Studies)

Any blogs that do not contain all the final products and a finished portfolio will be docked marks in the planning section. 

Your teacher will check your blogs this weekend and: 1. Dock marks for planning if it is incomplete and 2: Identify any changes,minor additions and improvements – you will then be given feedback on these. You have until the Evaluation draft deadline (March 23rd) to get these changes made.