AS mock paper #2

Here you go:mock_exam_2 (please note that I have included two sequences instead of the one because both are quite short).

Due: Monday April 25th


AS: mock paper 1

Here is the first mock paper. Please complete it for homework under timed conditions: 90 minutes for TV drama (45 minutes to write) and 45 minutes for audiences and institutions.



AS TV drama essay #1 – gender

The format of the paper is always the same (see below), the only difference is that the representational group and TV drama will change. It is usually expected that you will spend 30 minutes watching and making notes and then 30-45 minutes writing your answer which leaves 45-60 minutes for the audience and institutions question. Personally, I would aim for 40 minutes writing the representation answer which leaves you 50 minutes for the audiences and institutions question.

Section A: Textual Analysis and Representation (Unseen moving image extract)

You will be allowed two minutes to read the question for Section A before the extract is screened.

• The extract will be screened four times.

• First screening: watch the extract; no notes are to be made this time.

• Second screening: watch the extract and make notes. • There will be a brief break for note-making.

• Third and fourth screening: watch the extract and make notes.

• Your notes for Section A are to be written in the answer booklet provided and must be handed in at the end of the examination. Rule a diagonal line through your notes afterwards. Extract: The Killing Episode 1, Series 1  Extract length: 5 minutes max.

Timing of extract: First 5 minutes of Episode 1. Answer the question below, with detailed reference to specific examples from the extract only.

1 Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs representations of gender using the following: • Camera shots, angles, movement and composition • Editing • Sound • Mise-en-scene [50]

AS Theory Plan of Action

Here is the full version with homeworks: Plan_of_action

LDV 12 Media Studies plan of action until May

Lesson number Content


1 Watch Toy Story III J Technology essay
2 Watch Toy Story III J  
3 Watch Toy Story III J Audience and Institutions quiz 3 x revision posters (over Xmas)
4 Marvel  
5 Marvel  
6 Marvel  
7 TV drama introduction  
8 TV drama introduction Representation summary
9 TV drama: gender 1  
10 TV drama: gender 2 Gender case study textual analysis
11 TV drama: ethnicity 1  
12 TV drama: ethnicity 2 Essay preparation
13 TV drama: timed exam practice 1: ethnicity  
14 TV drama: age 1 Age case study textual analysis
15 TV drama: age 2  
16 TV drama: sexuality 1  
17 TV drama: sexuality 2 Essay preparation
18 TV drama: timed exam practice 2: sexuality  
Lesson number Content


19 TV drama: class and status 1 Class and status case study textual analysis
20 TV drama: class and status 2  
21 TV drama: physical ability/disability 1  
22 TV drama: physical ability/disability 2 Essay preparation
23 TV drama: timed exam practice 3: disability  
24 TV drama: regions 1 Regions case study textual analysis
25 TV drama: regions 2  
26 REVISION: Audience and institutions revision 1 Prepare for mock
27 REVISION: Audience and institutions revision 2  
30 Mock feedback; targets; filling the gaps  




AS coursework deadlines

November 19th-27th:

  • Finish planning
  • Test shots

December 11th:

  • Finish filming

January 25th: Finish editing first cut

January 25th- 3rd – audience feedback, edit changes and evaluation

February 4th: First draft of evaluation and final edit due

February 4th-10th: evaluation and final changes to research and planning

February 11th: Final evaluation and completed project due