Y11 coursework

I am giving you a week’s extension due to the extra magazine advert and because we lost a lesson because of ATD day. Don’t forget we have catch up after school today. 

Please email all of your coursework (besides the evaluation) by the end of half term (ldavies@hazelwick.org.uk). For every day I don’t receive the coursework after the deadline, I will dock you one mark, so please email it to me or via online submission before the deadline. Go onto my blog, to see what is required:

B321 (one Word document)

1. CD research

2. CD planning

3. Front and back CD cover

4. Evaluation of CD cover

B324 (one Word document)

1. 3 x logo, magazine advert and billboard research

2. 2 x mock up for logo, magazine advert and billboard

3. Audience feedback

4. Final logo, magazine advert and billboard

5. Evaluation (see attached)




B321(30% of the final grade)

1.      CD cover research (3 front, 3 back)

2.      CD cover plan

3.      Final CD front and back cover (it must contain the representation of a person and all the conventions of a professional CD cover – bar code etc.)

4.      Evaluation of CD cover – particular attention must be given to the representation of the artist featured on the cover. The evaluation must reflect upon the audience feedback you have received.


B324 (30% of the final grade)

1.      Advertising theory (less important)

2.      Research of 3 logos, 3 billboards, 3 magazine advert

3.      Target audience summary

4.      At least 3 mock ups logos, billboards, 3 magazine adverts

5.      Audience feedback

6.      Final logo, billboard, magazine advert

7.      Evaluation

8.      Production logs