Bank, Camera, Action Film Competition 2017/18

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The Bank of England was granted operational independence over monetary policy on 6 May 1997 and so the 20th anniversary is an appropriate time for us to reflect on independence.

In this year’s ‘Bank, Camera, Action’ film competition we are inviting pupils to get involved by making a short film entitled “What independence means to me”

The opportunity is to create a film that communicates the subject in an interesting and imaginative way. Students are free to use dance, music, poetry, rap, animation, graphics, cartoons, interviews, news items or any other fantastic ideas you may have. It’s completely up to you, the more creative and imaginative the better!

Why not take a look at their website to view last year’s winning films about ‘A day in the life of the New Fiver’?

Taking part will give teams the opportunity to showcase your talents and will appeal to students studying a broad range of subjects. There are also some fantastic prizes up for grabs.


Calling all filmmakers

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Open to young people from anywhere in the UK and from any background, the BFI Film Academy offers a real chance for talented 16-19-year-olds to be part of our future film industry.

Applications for the BFI Film Academy – craft skills residential course will re-open in late 2016.

Applications for the BFI Film Academy – UK network programme will re-open in late 2016.

Applications for the BFI Film Academy – specialist residential programme will re-open in late 2016.


Spaces of freedom in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Often the media represents groups of people in very simplistic and shorthand ways. This article uncovers the complex realities behind the stereotypes of Iran.

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I was sat on a large wicker chair in the rooftop café at my hotel in Shiraz where, in keeping with the Shirazi tradition, a group of guys next to me were reciting poetry. The scented smoke of a bubbling qaylan pipe twisted and turned on the blue tarpaulin above. Downstairs, in the courtyard restaurant, the voices of men and women competed with a cross-legged Kurdish chap in the corner, playing a sitar. Tourists and local men alike pulled chairs up to the tables of young women to chat, safely hidden from the gaze of the authorities outside. Spaces such as that hotel provide an environment of freedom in Iran. In here a woman’s headscarf can teeter tantalisingly close to sliding down the nape of her neck. In here each drag of her cigarette flies in the face of that deeply held taboo. In here large, brown eyes wandered…

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QMUN 2011

This year we had 4 entries (Jack and Millie, Dhiren, Nerea and Beth, Serene and Sophie) and 9 nominations.

We had one winner this year (although we could have had more!).

Sophie Puet, Serene Fakhra and Bethany Godley won the prize for best editing and narrowly lost out in the race for best picture.

Congratulations to all those who entered, hope you enjoyed the evening (the lamb was lovely!)…next year the competition is international so I am hoping for lots of entries.