Representation of travellers

Image result for John ConnorsJohn Connors won best actor at the Irish Film and Television Awards recently for his role in Cardboard Gangsters. His speech addressed a number of issues including discrimination against Travellers, suicide and how creativity saved his life and has been watched over 1 million times on Facebook alone. He speaks with Guardian journalist Iman Amrani about class, his journey into acting and what he plans to do next.



Representation of mental illness

In 2014, Time to Change worked with Glasgow Media Group to review three months of TV drama, in order to identify themes in the way that mental health problems were being portrayed. Time to Change also surveyed the public about the impact that mental health storylines had on them, and sought insights from big names in the industry. On November 11th 2014, Time to Change produced the report ‘Making a Drama Out of a Crisis’, which found:

  • encouraging signs that mental health depictions had become more positive. More storylines had attempted to ‘normalise’ mental health problems and fewer characters with mental health problems were portrayed as violent.
  • the growth of a relatively new type of narrative, focusing on the damaging stigma a character with a mental health problem faces.
  • the existence of some alternative stereotypes and over-simplifications, for example, about tragic victims and medication.
  • over half of the survey’s respondents who recalled seeing a character with mental health problems on TV said that this had helped to improve their understanding of such problems.
  • among all those respondents who had personally experienced a mental health problem, a quarter said that seeing a character with similar issues encouraged them to seek professional help.

Bank, Camera, Action Film Competition 2017/18

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The Bank of England was granted operational independence over monetary policy on 6 May 1997 and so the 20th anniversary is an appropriate time for us to reflect on independence.

In this year’s ‘Bank, Camera, Action’ film competition we are inviting pupils to get involved by making a short film entitled “What independence means to me”

The opportunity is to create a film that communicates the subject in an interesting and imaginative way. Students are free to use dance, music, poetry, rap, animation, graphics, cartoons, interviews, news items or any other fantastic ideas you may have. It’s completely up to you, the more creative and imaginative the better!

Why not take a look at their website to view last year’s winning films about ‘A day in the life of the New Fiver’?

Taking part will give teams the opportunity to showcase your talents and will appeal to students studying a broad range of subjects. There are also some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Calling all filmmakers

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Open to young people from anywhere in the UK and from any background, the BFI Film Academy offers a real chance for talented 16-19-year-olds to be part of our future film industry.

Applications for the BFI Film Academy – craft skills residential course will re-open in late 2016.

Applications for the BFI Film Academy – UK network programme will re-open in late 2016.

Applications for the BFI Film Academy – specialist residential programme will re-open in late 2016.