AS coursework deadlines

November 19th-27th:

  • Finish planning
  • Test shots

December 11th:

  • Finish filming

January 25th: Finish editing first cut

January 25th- 3rd – audience feedback, edit changes and evaluation

February 4th: First draft of evaluation and final edit due

February 4th-10th: evaluation and final changes to research and planning

February 11th: Final evaluation and completed project due



ABSOLUTE DEADLINE: BY THURSDAY APRIL 23rdeverything must be posted to the blog – I will not mark anything handed in after this date:

You should have the following for the preliminary and main task:



Mock up; test shots; storyboard; screenplay

Final product


*Remember, the main task is by far and away the most important, so make sure everything is done to the highest standard possible*

We have 8 lessons before your exam leave. 4 of these can be practical lessons if you need them, 4 will be dedicated towards your exams.