AS coursework deadlines

November 19th-27th:

  • Finish planning
  • Test shots

December 11th:

  • Finish filming

January 25th: Finish editing first cut

January 25th- 3rd – audience feedback, edit changes and evaluation

February 4th: First draft of evaluation and final edit due

February 4th-10th: evaluation and final changes to research and planning

February 11th: Final evaluation and completed project due


AS Coursework

Things are looking good so far. However, having looked at your research it’s clear that all of you need to apply more media language to your research. We will go through this in class, but in the meantime, here is an overview:

  • Target audience – demographic and psychographic
  • Audience pleasures – sensory, cognitive, emotional, cathartic, guilty, transgressive
  • Narrative codes – linear, non linear, enigma codes, action codes, Todorov’s equilibrium theory, Propp’s fairy tale narrative theory
  • Representation – who is represented? How are they represented (refer to camera set up, sound etc.)? Are they powerful or weak? Are they morally good or bad? Why?
  • Ideology – are there any underlying beliefs and values apparent in the text?