Brand Qatar

Qatar has scored another remarkable result, first the World Cup 2022 win and now the Qatar Foundation has won a 150 million euro shirt sponsorship deal with Barcelona. This is first time ever that Barcelona will receive payment for shirt sponsorship so it marks a real coup for Qatar.

Whilst 150 million euros is a large amount it perhaps represents excellent value for the emirate. Firstly, it guarantees unbelievable brand awareness as Barcelona are among the most covered football institutions in the world. Better than that, Barcelona are very attractive brand as not only do they boast some of the best players in the world such as Messi and Xavi, it also has an ethical image thanks largely to the free sponsorship of Unicef. The Qatar Foundation logo will sit next to that of Unicef so gaining further synergy.


Of course it will be very hard to gauge the effect of this deal but it is yet another example of Qatar’s desire to become a global player in education and sport – there will be very few people who don’t know (and perhaps respect) Qatar now.