Y13 Narrative Essay

Over half term, please answer the question:

Apply theories of narrative to one of your coursework productions.

Use the PP, table and theories sheet to help you do this.

30 minutes prep, 30 minutes to write the response.

Bon chance!

P.S some of you need to catch up with the other tables. Please email a table for each of the concepts we have done (language, genre, audience)





AS H/W – Narrative

Due: Weds 27/9/11

Having looked at narrative codes and theories, I would like you to apply what you have learnt to your three texts.

– Equillibrium theory (Todorov)

– Action and enigma codes (Barthes)

– Fairy Tales (Propp)

– Binary Oppositions (Levi Strauss)

-Fractured, linear and non linear narratives

Remember, you are applying these ideas in order to understand why narratives are created. For example, if enigma codes and political allegories are heavily prevalent in the trailer, this is likely to mean that the audience is a more sophisticated older demographic who are happy to be challenged by film.