The evolution of Facebook

The CEO of Mark Zuckerberg, not content with the already awesome success of Facebook is looking to cement the brand’s place in the internet power list by offering tie ins with a whole host of companies.

Spotify, Deezer, Hulu and Yahoo have all added apps to Facebook offering users instant free access to their sites in the hope that the user will then subscribe after their free trial. It is a clear example of brands working in synergy. It temains to be seen who will profit from these relationships the most though!

Eighteen months ago, Facebook launched the ‘like’ button which helped advertise many products, now ‘listen’, ‘watch’ and ‘read’ buttons will be available. This could be revolutionary, not only is Facebook encouraging you to use the site as a ‘hub’ for all entertainment, it also will track your behaviour for all your ‘friends’ to see.

Check out to see the changes that are going to take place.


new media – creating social change?

There is so much evidence to suggest that the internet is providing a platform for dissenting voices anf further still, it seems that people are listening.

Most famously, the murder of Khaled Said in Egypt has helped spawn a revolutionary movement. Youtube, google and facebook his name and you will find 1000s of results of people protesting in his name.

Also, check out some of the protest videos/media made in England about the goverment – parental advisory!