AS: Disney production homework

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Choose a Disney film (you can carry on with one from previous homeworks or choose a new one)

Research the production of the film –

  • Describe the production values (Production values are the lighting, sound, scenery and props used to improve a film or play. An example of production values are the ways in which students set up the stage in a school play.)
  • What production issues were apparent?
  • What technology was used?
  • What problems were there?
  • How did audiences receive the production?
  • What do you think of the production values?

AS Media Studies: Audience and Institutions Homework 1

You should now have identified a recent Disney film as a case study. The first things you need to research concern the production process. Please investigate the following areas and email me your findings which should be presented neatly and perhaps with illustrations and graphics. You can use bullet points and deliver this information in note form:

1. Find out about the institutions involved with the production, distribution, exhibition and marketing:

– What role did each institution play?

– Who spent what?

2. Research the production of the film

– What problems were there?

– What technology was used?

– Was there any synergy between institutions?

3. What was the budget of the film?

– How does this compare to other Disney films?

– How does this compare to other films within the genre?

4. How much has the film made?

– box office

– merchandise

– TV


– Computer games