What significance does the continued development of digital media technology have for media institutions and audiences?


1. Consumption and distribution: 

Digital media technology has revolutionised how audiences use technology. Think about all the ways in which Disney products reach audiences. Give specific examples of advertising, parodies etc and what platforms these are hosted on. 

Audiences are much more empowered now because we can consume on the move and when and where we want. We can stream and download. This means that TV and radio scheduling have lost their control over us. We can use on demand and illegally download etc. which means audiences are now the powerful. 

Before institutions such as Disney could dictate terms but they have been forced to change their model of distribution because they would lose money otherwise – one way they have changed is by releasing movies across the globe very quickly – why might they do this? How has this changed? How have they embraced digital sales? How have they used digital media to demonstrate trailers, interviews etc.

2. Institutions

Also, we looked at all the ways that digital film is better than film…what effect does it have on conglomerates and independents? 

3. Production 

Go through notes and handouts  – there are so many examples of how Pixar has driven the technology of animation – Disney has benefitted hugely from this relationship

4. Is technology is the most important thing?